Next SC3 Arcade Party: November 12, 2016!

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Next SC3 Arcade Party: November 12, 2016!

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Ten years ago, SC3 hosted its first "backyard" arcade party in Claremont. It was a simpler time. With only about 20 arcade cabs and maybe 40 attendees, the backyard had room to spare. What a difference a decade makes! After ten years of growth, SC3 is bigger than ever; that yard can hardly contain us anymore. But we're still giving it a go. We love the other venues that have hosted us and we'll continue to use them, but in many ways that backyard has been "home" to us over this last decade. Besides, with Thanksgiving around the corner, what better time is there to come home?

So once again, Thanksgiving is coming to Southern California a couple of weeks early. SC3 will be serving up a cornucopia of classic videogaming vittles on Saturday, November 12, 2016, from 4 p.m. to midnight. Once again we'll be cramming several dozen arcade machines and classic home consoles into the back yard of one lucky home in Claremont. If you attended one of the old parties, you know that like any good Thanksgiving meal, it'll be overstuffed but extremely satisfying.

Changes at this Event - Please Read

The good old backyard is a smaller venue. There's just not enough room to accommodate 200 people, dozens of arcades and the huge mountains of trade goods that have been showing up at our last few events. So, we are limiting the amount of trade table space available to each attendee and asking you not to bring your own tables. If you want to attend, you must fill out this RSVP form. After filling it out, it will pop up some notices for you to read and allow you to request table space. We'll take your request down and do our best to reserve part of a table for you -- but be aware that there is limited space and a lot of people wanting it! We strongly advise traders to bring only their best, most desirable stuff. Leave those huge boxes of Combat carts home! Remember, even if you don't plan to bring trade goods, it's still essential that you RSVP. If your registration is accepted, you will be informed via email.

Also note that this event starts at 4 p.m. No one, except authorized event planners, will be allowed in before 4 p.m.

Your donations keep SC3 functioning, and our costs are expected to rise for this event. Our suggested donation at this event is $10 per adult attendee. Thanks as always for your support and remember to keep an eye here and on our web site and Facebook page for more announcements about the event!