Could I try for the Atari 2600 Galaxian record?

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Re: Could I try for the Atari 2600 Galaxian record?

Post by homerwannabee » Wed Sep 16, 2009 8:13 pm

Although my record attempt will take a very long time if successful. Over 4 and a half hours, I really don't mind. Truth be known is that I rarely try to drink soda or anything else when playing Galaxian. There is probably a 2 second break in between levels to try to chug something, but I find that it breaks my focus for the game, and often I am scrambling to try to shoot the first ship. To be honest I am just happy to be able to show what this game is like when someone has mastered it. It is also nice to show off my skills in front of people who are into classic gaming. 8-) So thanks again for just allowing me to do this. :D