Trading for 9/26/09 Meet

Post here if you are attending an upcoming meeting and wish to discuss trade fodder. Post what you will bring, or what you are looking for...

Note: only RSVP'd guests can post, but everyone can read!
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Trading for 9/26/09 Meet

Post by jasonbar » Sun Sep 20, 2009 8:49 pm

I'll be bringing the following for sale/trade:

1 - Good condition, working Vectrex w/ controller

2 - Vectrex Scramble cart (cart only), works great [pics at ... ?start=all]

3 - Great condition Sega Nomad & Sega power supply. Tested working & tested working w/ TV & 2nd controller (TV hookup is standard Genesis, but not included; 2nd controller not included--though if you want a controller, tell me ahead of time & I'll see if I can dig one out; no games included). [pics & videos at ... ?start=all]

4 - Excalibur 402-1 Classic Space Invaders color handheld (with batteries).

5 - 2600 Name-this-Game, by US Games. Box: good (sticker tear in top right corner), cart: excellent, manual: OK (semi-wrinkled) [I don't otherwise own this cart, so if you want to wheel & deal for just the box & manual, let's talk!]

6 - 2600 Lost Luggage by Apollo. Box: very good, cart: good (main label crooked, end label starting to peel & a little Actiplaque), manual: very good (a couple of creases) [I don't otherwise own this cart, so if you want to wheel & deal for just the box & manual, let's talk!]

7 - 2600 Spacechase by Apollo. Box: very good (some whitening on edges, internal rip in cart shelf), cart 1: excellent (slight plaque), cart 2: good (homemade end label), manual: no. There are 2 carts in this one because I already had a copy of Spacechase. I'd prefer to keep the nice cart & sell the bad cart of course, unless that drops the value significantly...

Trades I'm looking for:
Vectrex Polar Rescue Overlay
Vectrex homebrews
Many Vectrex manuals
In general, I go for quantity, not quality! ;D

Here's my "haves" list--if you have something I don't have for a console listed in this sheet, let's talk! ... 0Games.xls