Nov. 11, 2023 Event: CANCELLED We regret to say it, but it's true

To Be Continued? Yes!

Although it was an EXTREMELY tough decision and we're really sorry to say it, this tiresome thing called Real Life has interfered with our plans. The Nov. 11, 2023 SC3 event has been cancelled. Circumstances outside of our control have simply made it impossible to hold an event at this time. We apologize for the late notice; we were really hoping it wouldn't come to this but unfortunately it did. Please take our word: we wouldn't have cancelled if there had been another way!

We don't have specific plans for the next SC3 event but there WILL be another one, by Spring 2024 at the latest. As always, watch this site and our Facebook page for future details.

Sorry we won't get to see you Nov. 11th. We hope you are still able to get in some gaming that weekend even without us, and have a great holiday season!

– The SC3 Team

Apr. 22, 2023: SC3 Invades Y2Kade! A hot day, hot tacos and hot games in Cerritos

Saturday, April 22, marked the SC3 debut at Y2Kade in Cerritos, a privately-owned arcade jam-packed with over 100 cabinets and pinball machines from the '70s through the '90s, Jim, the Y2Kade owner, has been routinely opening this wonderland to the public and turned to SC3 to help get the word out. So, on what felt like the hottest day of the year so far, we carted truckloads of CRT monitors and vintage consoles to Cerritos for the gaming enjoyment of over 100 attendees. And there were tacos. Read all about it in our April 22 writeup. And be sure to check out Y2Kade's Facebook page to learn when it'll be open next.

We don't have an exact schedule for the next SC3 event but if prior patterns hold, it will likely take place in November, likely at the famous Backyard location in Claremont. As always, watch this site and our Facebook page for future announcements. Until next time, keep gaming!

Next SC3 Event: Apr. 22, 2023 at Y2Kade! Come join us for our first-ever event in Cerritos

The next SC3 event is scheduled for April 22, 2023 at Y2Kade in Cerritos, CA. Y2Kade is a privately-owned arcade that must be seen to believed. Featuring dozens of machines from the '70s through the '90s, Y2Kade has something for gamers of all tastes. This is a place where you can finish playing an early black-and-white shooting game, then walk a few feet and take the controls of a '90s fighter. There's even a small number of pinball tables. And most of the games are in fantastic condition – the cabinets, the controls, and the monitors are very well-kept. And if that's not enough for you, the SC3 guys will be there with our usual smorgasboard of home consoles. Don't miss it!

The festivities begin at 4 p.m. and continute until midnight. Please note: there will be no food provided at this event. This one's all about the games. Y2Kade is in a business district; there are some restaurants in the vicinity but nothing within walking distance. RSVPs are not required for this event, although we still appreciate your donations. Y2Kade's address is:

17411 Studebaker Rd., Unit B., Cerritos CA 90703

Online map services may show this address as "Lotus Prepared By Claudius," a neighboring business.

You should be able to park along the nearby streets named "Business Circle."

Note: we know a lot of you come to SC3 for the raffle, but due to scheduling issues our raffle host is unable to make it this time. While there's a still a small chance we'll have a raffle, it's likely there will not be one. Sorry about that.

We hope to see you on April 22! Keep an eye on this site and our Facebook page for future announcements.

Nov. 12, 2022 SC3 Event: COVID? NO, VID! "Vid" as in "Videogames." (Your editor would like to apologize for that headline.)

COVID shut down SC3 – not to mention the rest of the world – over three years ago. Three years! That's a long time to go without a garage full of arcade games or rows upon rows of glowing CRT monitors showcasing 45 years of videogame history. Thankfully, SC3 has staged its long-awaited return to the fabled Backyard, with over 120 long-missed friends in attendance. Read all about it in our Nov. 12, 2022 event recap. It's good to be back!

The next SC3 event has yet to be scheduled but we're tentatively expecting something in the spring, perhaps at a new location. Keep an eye on this site and our Facebook page for announcements. Until then, keep gaming!

— The SC3 Team

NOV. 12, 2022: THE RETURN! As the world opens back up from COVID, it's time for SC3 to do the same!

The Fun Is Back!

So, uh... it's been a while, hasn't it? SC3 had completed its 20th anniversary party and was looking forward to starting our third decade, but then everything changed. It took a global pandemic to make us do it, but we had to close things down for the last couple years.

Finally, the world seems to be emerging from its long time of lockdown, and it's time for SC3 to turn the power back on. Those arcade cabinets have been dormant long enough!

We are pleased to announce that the long-awaited return to the Backyard will take place on Saturday, November 12, 2022 in Claremont. The party will start at 4 p.m. and continue until midnight. We will be getting back up to speed after our forced closure, but expect the usual highlights – arcade games, console games, trading, and pizza. If you have COVID concerns, please keep in mind that even though most of the event is outside, it typically gets pretty crowded, and the arcade games will be partly enclosed.

If you plan to attend, please fill out the RSVP Form and let us know how many guests you're bringing. We really aren't sure how big of a crowd to expect after two years, so your early RSVP is appreciated, as is your $10 (suggested) donation.

Thanks for your patience everyone. At long last, it's time to bring back the fun!
— The SC3 Team

Twenty Years of SC3! Nov. 9 backyard party caps our second decade (or: we're old!)

We didn't make a big deal about it, but the November 9, 2019 SC3 event marked our 20th anniversary. In November 1999, a post on the Usenet group (can you remember those days?) led to the formation of the Southern California Classic Collectors. That early meeting was just a few collectors getting together to swap Atari cartridges and check out the hot new Dreamcast machine. That humble beginning somehow launched dozens of arcade parties, the eating of probably a thousand pizzas, and a retrogaming celebration that's been bringing SoCal gamers together for the better part of two decades. It all happened again on Nov. 9, 2019, and this time we had chocolate marshmallows. Read all about it in our latest event recap.

This anniversary is bittersweet because it marks the departure of SC3 organizer Geoff, who was largely responsible for forming the group back in '99. Geoff, who lives hours away, just needed some time off. He's promised not to be a stranger though, so maybe we'll see him again some future SC3 event. Until then, take care Geoff – and thanks!!

The date of the next SC3 event is yet to be announced. Please keep an eye on this site and our Facebook page for announcements. Until then, keep gaming!
— The SC3 Team

SC3's Next Backyard Party: November 9, 2019! Along with pics from our Sept. 28 event

It's finally that time again – time to go back... to the backyard! SC3 returns to our favorite Claremont location on November 9, 2019, from 4 p.m. to midnight! We're in the planning stages now; watch this site and our Facebook page for more announcements! In the meantime, be sure to mark your calendars and fill out the RSVP form so that we can have an accurate headcount. Please remember, your donations keep SC3 going – our suggested donation for this event is $10 per adult attendee. Thanks for your support!

The backyard party is coming hot on the heels of our September 28 event at the Claremont Packing House. This smaller show was done in collaboration with Lost Levels Arcade. SC3 set up home consoles while Lost Levels provided arcade games and arranged to have a few vendors on hand. Low-key, easy setup and lots of games – what better way to spend a Saturday? Be sure to check out some pics from the event!

We're looking forward to November 9 and hope to see you there!
— The SC3 Team

SC3 @ Lost Levels Claremont: Sept. 28! Here we go again!

SC3 @ Lost Levels

SC3 is once again teaming up with Lost Levels Arcade! On Saturday, Sept. 28, come see SC3 at Lost Levels Claremont. More details will be coming soon, but you can expect the usual arcade games, consoles, vintage computers, and vendors! We hope to see you there!

Lost Levels Claremont
530 West First Street
Claremont, CA 91711
View in Google Maps
Saturday, September 28, 12pm - 7pm

Keep an eye on this site and our Facebook page for more details on this event!

Photos from SC3's and Retro City Festival's May 25 Event! At the Claremont Packing House

On May 25, SC3 again teamed up with Lost Levels and Retro City Festival to host a retrogaming event – this time at the Claremont Packing House! We had arcade games, free play consoles, vendor tables, a Street Fighter tournament, and live music by 8-Bit Jazz Heroes. You can find some pics right here, and there are more to check out on our Facebook page. Thanks to everyone for coming!

The date for SC3's next event is yet to be announced. Keep an eye on this site and our Facebook page for details. And as always, keep gaming!

SC3 and Lost Levels Teaming Up May 25! Packing the Games into the Claremont Packing House

SC3 and Lost Levels

SC3 is teaming up again with Lost Levels and Retro City Festival to host a retrogaming event at the Claremont Packing House on May 25! There will be arcade games, free play consoles, vendor tables, a Street Fighter tournament, and live music by 8-Bit Jazz Heroes. Hours are 12 noon to 7 p.m. Hope to see you there!

Claremont Packing House
530 W 1st St.
Claremont, CA 91711
May 25, 2019, 12pm - 7pm

Keep an eye on the Facebook event page for future announcements regarding this event!

SC3's Nov. 10 Arcade Party Brings It Home Back to Basics in the Backyard

The November 10 party was as much about what was not there as what was. You've heard us talk about the expanding trade area and the seemingly never-ending piles of gaming items on offer. It's difficult; we're collectors too so we like to see stuff made available. But let's face it: game resellers ("flippers") are a real thing nowadays and their "for the money" vibe doesn't mesh well with SC3's "for the games and for the friends" philosophy. So this time, we shrunk the trade area and kept the flippers away. This reduced our crowd size a bit but let us focus on having fun socializing and playing games – what our Arcade Parties are really all about! This event felt like getting back to the SC3 basics of fun, games, food, games, friends and games! Read all about it, and one Gyruss-themed birthday surprise, in the Nov. 10, 2018 Event Recap!

The date for SC3's spring event is yet to be announced. With the closing of Arcade 2084, we're scouting for a new location. We have a couple leads but nothing definite as of yet. However, SC3 will have a presence at Retro City Festival 2019, to be held Jan. 5th & 6th at the Fairplex in Pomona. We hope to see you there!

Keep an eye on this site and our Facebook page for future announcements. And as always, keep gaming!

Next SC3 Arcade Party: November 10, 2018! Back to the Backyard Again!

It is a fall tradition to head back home, reconnect with family and old friends over some good food, and just generally take the time to be grateful for all the things you enjoy. Thanksgiving? Sure, that's nice. But we're talking about that other autumn celebration: the SC3 backyard party! Once again, Thanksgiving is coming to Southern California a couple of weeks early. SC3 will be serving up a vertiable classic videogaming feast on Saturday, November 10, 2018, from 4 p.m. to midnight. Come join us as we cram too many arcade machines and classic home consoles into the back yard of one lucky home in Claremont. If you attended one of the old parties, you know that like any good Thanksgiving meal, it'll be overstuffed but extremely satisfying.

Limited Trade Area – Please Read

The good old backyard is a smaller venue. There's just not enough room to accommodate 200 people, dozens of arcades and the huge mountains of trade goods that have been showing up at our last few events. And renovations to the yard have REDUCED the amount of available trade space this year. More announcements may be made later, but at this time we cannot guarantee ANY available trade table space. Please plan on bringing only trade goods that can fit in a backpack that you carry, or feel comfortable leaving in your vehicle. Please do not bring your own tables. If you want to attend, you must fill out this RSVP form. If your registration is accepted, you will be informed via email.

Also note that this event starts at 4 p.m. No one, except authorized event planners, will be allowed in before 4 p.m.

Your donations keep SC3 functioning, and our costs are expected to rise for this event. Our suggested donation at this event is $10 per adult attendee. Thanks as always for your support and remember to keep an eye here and on our Future Meeting Page for more announcements about the event!