Next SC3 Meeting: To Be Announced!

Tentatively-scheduled Attractions:

  • MANY Coin-ops on free play (click here for some examples)
  • Multiple home consoles, games, and oddities
  • Game trading - bring your tradebait!

It was the eleventh day of the eleventh month of SC3's eleventh year of hosting arcade parties, so we figured it was an appropriate day to throw another one. November 11, 2017 witnessed another of SC3's famous backyard events in Claremont. As we do, we crammed in dozens of arcade machines, a slew of 1980s tabletop games, a movie projection screen and no less than fifteen home console stations. Thanks to tremendous help from our friends and helpers, not to mention Geoff's supervision of the raffle, this event represented a sort of return to form for us. The crowds were a bit less huge, the trading much less of a frenzy, and the old "friends playing video games" vibe was back. Plus there was Cuphead. Read all about it in our Nov. 11, 2017 Event Recap.

Retro City Festival

What's next for SC3? As many of you know, Arcade 2084 is now closed, so it's out as an event venue for us. However, SC3 will have a presence at the Retro City Festival on January 20-21 at the Pomona Fairplex. This is a new show which promises to bring that "big convention" vibe to Southern California. We'll be there, but in a small way – it's not our event after all. Our next event is still in the planning stages. Keep your eye on this site and our Facebook page for announcements! And until then, as always, keep gaming!

– The SC3 Team

Who Is SC3, Exactly?

If you aren't familiar with SC3, we're just a friendly group of videogame enthusiasts who like nothing better than to get together to talk, trade, and play games. We've got a soft spot for games from the "classic" days of the early 1980s, but we love games of all eras, from Pong to PlayStation 4. If you love videogames, you're welcome to attend!

SC3 has made a point of keeping our meetings relaxed and informal, but the atmosphere will include some beer drinking and there may be some R-rated game content. This is an adult get-together where supervised minors will be accepted. Parents should take this into account and please let us know if you have questions.