Next SC3 Meeting: To Be Announced!

Tentatively-scheduled Attractions:

  • MANY Coin-ops on free play (click
    for some examples)
  • Multiple home consoles, games, and oddities
  • Game trading - bring your tradebait!

SC3 most recently set up shop at 2084 Arcade in Anaheim on April 22, 2017. This meeting can be summed up in a single word: Trading. This was perhaps the single best-attended event in SC3 history with over 250 people in attendance, and it seemed like every one of them brought merchandise. But there were also lots of arcade cabs, pinballs, raffles, hamburgers, Steam game previews, and tugboats(?). And did we mention trading? There was a lot of it. Read all about it in our Apr. 22 Event Recap.

The date of the next SC3 event has yet to be decided, but if our usual pattern holds, expect it sometime in the fall. As always, keep an eye on this page and our Facebook page for announcements. Until then, keep your joysticks plugged in and your fire buttons pressed!

– The SC3 Team

Who Is SC3, Exactly?

If you aren't familiar with SC3, we're just a friendly group of videogame enthusiasts who like nothing better than to get together to talk, trade, and play games. We've got a soft spot for games from the "classic" days of the early 1980s, but we love games of all eras, from Pong to PlayStation 4. If you love videogames, you're welcome to attend!

SC3 has made a point of keeping our meetings relaxed and informal, but the atmosphere will include some beer drinking and there may be some R-rated game content. This is an adult get-together where supervised minors will be accepted. Parents should take this into account and please let us know if you have questions.