Tips for SC3 Traders

Videogame trading is a staple of SC3. The last "C" in our name stands for "Collectors," after all! SC3 encourages you to bring your extra videogaming merchandise to sell or trade – but space is limited. Arcade 2084 has more room for trading than our backyard events in Claremont. So unlike the backyard, traders at 2084 do not have to reserve tables in advance. Still, space is not unlimited and lots of traders will want to use the tables. We suggest a limit of one table per trader/carload. Please share the tables and don't monopolize several of them for yourself. If you need extra space you may bring your own table(s), but be aware if the lot fills up you may not be able to use them. Sun canopies are always welcome if you can bring one.

We offer the following tips for successful trading:

  1. Arrange your merchandise so that people can see it. Be sure all the game labels are readable and that the most interesting stuff is clearly visible. But, do not spread your stuff out too far. Remember, other traders need space too. SC3 reserves the right to remove items from the tables to make room for another trader.
  2. Don't leave your valuable stuff unattended. You are responsible for your property. SC3 will not watch it for you. We haven't had a problem with theft yet, but there's always a first time – and we have had some honest mistakes where one trader's stuff accidentally ended up in another trader's area. If you aren't willing to lose an item, don't leave it unguarded.
  3. Place your name and phone number next to your stuff. As we said, you shouldn't leave your valuable items unattended. But maybe you brought a pile of low-value items that you don't mind risking while you wander off to play games. Remember, interested traders won't be able to make a deal with you if they can't find you! We recommend that you place a sign or piece of paper next to your stuff that includes your name and phone number, and carry a cellphone with you. Including a photo of yourself might not be a bad idea either. Set your phone on "vibrate" because you won't be able to hear it on the arcade floor. You wouldn't believe how many deals fail to happen just because the owner can't be found when an interested trader comes along!
  4. Take your unsold stuff home with you! As collectors, we understand: sometimes you end up with extra "junk" that you just don't want any more. Many people bring unwanted items to SC3 and give them away for free. We encourage this! But sometimes, nobody else wants your junk either. If nobody takes it by the time you leave, you MUST take it back. It is inconsiderate to leave it for the SC3 staff to deal with.
  5. If you're selling or buying, bring plenty of $1 bills. We've seen lots of deals for $1- or $2-items fall apart because neither party could make change!

As we said, anything videogame-related is fine to bring. However, you may be wondering if you can bring stuff that's not videogame-related. The answer is yes, but within reason. In the past, collectors have brought things that weren't specifically related to videogames, but that fit the general "theme" of SC3: ALF trading cards, electronic calculators made by Commodore, early '80s robot toys, and so on. We don't mind if you bring a few of these kinds of items, but please don't overdo it. SC3 is a videogame event, not eBay or Craigslist.

Happy trading!